Windows Apps

Windows today provides an unprecedented reach across devices from tablets, PCs to all-in-ones, all with the same app. Our apps on windows feel fast, fluid and quick to respond in an entirely new touch-first user experience and live tiles, notifications, charms and contracts provide a new level of OS integration

Creating immersive app experiences

Pride in craftsmanship

Focus your energy on the small stuff that people see. Engineer the experience to be complete and polished at every stage.

Be fast and fluid

Give people the tools they need to work more efficiently.

Authentically digital

Take full advantage of the digital medium to create efficient and effortless experiences.

Do more with less

Design and plan with a purpose. Make the experience great at one thing, not mediocre at many things.

Win as one

Bring the parts together…other apps, devices, and the system…and let people use what they already know to make one great experience.

Our Windows App Collection: