Tablet Apps

Today we have millions of phones, tablets, and other devices in a wide variety of screen sizes and form factors. By taking advantage of operating system’s flexible layout system, we have created apps that gracefully scale to large tablets. Our goal is to design apps that behave in a consistent, predictable fashion.

Our guiding principles when developing for tablets include:

Be flexible

Stretch and compress your layouts to accommodate various heights and widths.

Optimize layouts

On larger devices, take advantage of extra screen real estate. Create compound views that combine multiple views to reveal more content and ease navigation.

Assets for all

Provide resources for different screen densities (DPI) to ensure that your app looks great on any tablet.

Touch Feedback

Use color and illumination to respond to touches, reinforce the resulting behaviors of gestures, and indicate what actions are enabled and disabled.


Help users understand what the outcome of the operation will be by making objects react to more complex gestures.

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